Turkey : They deceived older men with the promise of marriage! they captured

Kızıltepe Public Security Bureau teams started to work by detecting the increase of fraud crime with the promise of marriage in recent months. The staff of Kızıltepe Public Security Bureau, working in coordination with the Prosecutor Muhammedi Ali Fidan, mostly reported that Syrian A.K. named female person and İ.M. It was determined by a male person named.

In the operation, it was determined that A.K and İ.M., especially in the provinces of Kiziltepe, Batman, Diyarbakir, Ankara, Cizre, Mardin Silopi, Yalova and Izmir, have passed away, and have selected older persons as victims. The spouse of the gang members approached those who passed away, H.S. and R.K. It was determined that they had marriages with people who were religious. One of the gang members M.Ş. The person named women brought to Turkey from Syria, where he was responsible for also, after carrying out the activities that occur in gang Izmir button was pressed for the operation.

In the operation carried out under the code name ‘Let the Wedding Begin’, the suspects were caught by performing simultaneous operations in 6 different addresses in Diyarbakır, Batman, Kızıltepe and İzmir. During the searches carried out at the suspects’ homes, a large amount of jewelery, money and foreign currency were seized. He was referred to the Kızıltepe Public Prosecutor. Following the prosecution investigations, one of the suspicious persons A.K., F.M., H.S., R.K., M.Ş. and M.H.S sentenced to the prison house by the magistrate on duty. IHA