Turkey : Night travel started at sea – News

The ferry service will continue on Friday and Saturday at night to connect Asia and Europe for twenty-four hours in Istanbul. The project announced by Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu has been implemented as of tonight.

The ferries that will depart from Kadıköy pier at 01.30, 02.35, 03.45 and 04.55 will go to Karaköy and Beşiktaş, while the ferries depart from Karaköy at 01.50,02.55, 04.05 and 05.15 will go to Beşiktaş and Kadıköy.


While the passengers using the first sea voyage at the sea in Megakent Istanbul expressed their satisfaction with the application, they also expressed their complaints for the purchase of double tickets.

The musician pool on the ferries is being renewedThe musician pool on the ferries is being renewed

A passenger who stated that he had difficulty in the transition from Europe to Anatolia, said, “It was nice because we had a hard time coming from Europe to Anatolia. It was very good.” While using the expression, another passenger who wants the flights to be more frequent said, “It would be better if it is more frequent, there is an hour between them. It would be better if it was a single ticket. ” Expressing that there is easy transportation across the night, the citizen said, “We are happy to provide transportation across the street without application”. IHA