Turkey : World Bank country director for Turkey warned: Debt is rising declining investment

If Turkey’s economy and prospects for 2020 with last year’s growth performance also drew attention to the international organizations and economists have created a new paradox of investments and foreign currency debt. Following the investment in the Turkish economy began to lose its productivity currency crisis in 2018 also pointed out that the World Bank Country Director for Turkey experienced large decline Augusta Tano Kouame, “there is also a reduction in investments during the last crisis. This is an alarming situation, and this coincides with a time when the debt grew. Debt increases, investments decrease. Turkey in case of rising debt and declining investment stricken paradox, “he warned.


People of Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) organized by the “Global Economic Prospects 2020” economists are coming together at the meeting entitled, the assessment found about Turkey’s growth model favored and 2020 expectations. Turkey, both geopolitical and noted that the economic situation facing various risks as Auguste Tano Kouame, especially drew attention to lost productivity. “Productivity in Turkey in the past was very good but there was a serious decline in recent years. If investments will grow, Kouame pointed out that at this point, policies that will attract long-term investments should be encouraged and companies should be provided with long-term financing opportunities. At this point, Kouame stated that it would not be sufficient to be dependent only on the banking sector and that different financing tools should be put into use.


Kouame also evaluated the growth data announced yesterday and stated that the growth rate of 0.9 percent for 2019 exceeded the expectations. percent of Turkey’s economy in 2020, as the World Bank 3, and 4 percent in 2021 explaining that they expect the growth Kouame, “There are a number of risks. There are also counter winds. “The events and tensions in the regions in Idlib can make the investor uneasy and delay the investments a little more.”

“No conversion can be made through the currency”

Global Source Partners, Turkey Analyst and Turkey Data Monitor Partner Murat Quarterly, Turkey, pointing try to enter the 5 percent growth path, made the following assessment: “A question mark now can grow to be even when you press the loans in Turkey. Turkey needs to attract capital again. We are building an economic policy as if there is free food. Diagnosis is very important. As an economist, my biggest problem is that we couldn’t agree on diagnosis. Turkey no longer able to transform the rate. I’m not saying you install valued by external factors but it is possible for Turkey to become a competitive price. “