Turkey : Specialist sergeant escaped from lynching by shooting fire into the air

The incident occurred in Isparta Gülevler Mahallesi. Allegedly, hostility was allegedly caused by the kidnapping of a girl under the age of 18 C.Y. Specialist sergeant was followed by hostile parties while driving with the girl in the vehicle with 03 plates.

When C.Y., who was followed for a while, came to 106th Street and 124th Street, he lost control of the vehicle and had an accident as a result of hitting the tree in the median.

He fires on the air to protect himself

After the accident, C.Y., who was wanted to be lynched by the hostile group, escaped by opening fire with the beylik gun.

Upon hearing the sound of gunshots by the people around the area, 112 Emergency Service crews and numerous public order and traffic police teams were sent to the region. Police teams arriving at the scene calmed the parties with difficulty.

A lynching attempt to suspect child abuseA lynching attempt to suspect child abuse

EXPERT ÇAVUŞ was taken into custody

C.Y., who was wanted to be lynched by the crowded group of hostility, was taken away from the scene by the police teams and detained after the doctor’s report.

It was learned that the group, which was said to be hostile with the specialist sergeant, then went to the same police station. On the other hand, it was learned that an investigation into the chain of incidents and accident was initiated. IHA