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The United Nations (UN) Educational Research Institute and President of the International Training Center of Turkey Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions (Chairperson) Chairman Enver Yucel, 43 yılllık experience in education SPOKESMANtold to.

6 countries from Washington DC, London, Berlin, Georgia, Canada and TRNC, and Yücel, the founding president of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions on 240 campuses from Edirne to Kars, Sinop to Antakya, and Bahçeşehir University. 200 thousand students are studying in their schools. There are 15 thousand teachers, 1,650 academics and thousands of employees.


Who is Enver Yücel? According to the Ottoman records, his family is from Chepni, who immigrated from Horosan 600 years ago. He was born as one of the 6 children of hazelnut trader Kılıçarslan Hüseyin Yücel and Fadime Yücel in Şeyhli Village of Piraziz District of Giresun. Gazi Grandfather Ahmet Yücel grew up with the memories of the Independence War. Saying that he got the leadership feature from his mother, Yücel said, “My family and my first teacher who made me are my mother. My mother was a community leader. “My village institute teacher, Ahmet Aydemir, taught us the genius of Ataturk and the village children will succeed.”

In his hand, a wood to be burned in the stove of the school completed the Şeyhli Village Primary School, where he reached 3-4 km on muddy roads. Like every village boy, he did his homework in the kerosene lamp.


President Yücel said, “If the ball was to be played, I would be the captain. Organization and leadership have passed through my mother. ” He studied boarding at Haydarpaşa High School. He won the Department of Mathematics at the Atatürk Education Institute of MÜ in 1976. He took out his pocket money by giving mathematics lessons in Uğur Dershanesi in Laleli, lying in the basement of the classroom and solving the accommodation problem.


Starting his passion for education in the basement of a classroom, Yücel said, “All the pillars of Istanbul know me. We used glue in one hand and the brush on the other, we would stick advertising banners on the poles that did not sleep during the night ”. When he says a guard, a cleaner, a tea maker, he will eventually become the owner of the classroom.

He found love in the classroom

The classroom will be a turning point in his private life. Semra, who is a boss of ITU Mathematics Engineering, falls in love with the teacher. The news of the bride-to-be from a wealthy family will go to Şeyhli Village, ‘Enver is marrying a daughter of an Istanbul fabricator’. The deepest sadness in life is that Yücel’s father Hüseyin Yücel, whom he lost at the age of 51, could not be at that wedding 39 years ago.

Did not wait for Harvard

At the BAU opening ceremony, attended by President Süleyman Demirel, Yücel, who said “We cannot wait 250 years to become Harvard”, showed that he did not wait with cooperation agreements in the USA. Turkey’s first science and technology high school in the Bahçeşehir Science and Technology stands in a different place in his life. The students, who take all the exams and get them all on a full scholarship, are invited from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Oxford before the high school ends.


“There is an education trend called STEM in the world that combines science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art for 15 years. When America said Europe, it spread to the world. Science and technology combine social sciences as interdisciplinary. The student goes from the whole. The world discovered 80 years after us. What they call STEM is actually nothing but Village Institutes. We already had STEM education. What would happen if it wasn’t removed? When I was born, South Korea was poor from us. Now it is 2-3 times richer with good education. ”

We have to see artificial intelligence

“Turkey’s greatest strength young people. The education to train them very well could not be designed. Let’s teach the professions of the future. While artificial intelligence surrounds the world, we cannot ignore it. Turkey, makes a very good education and economic leap forward 10 years. There is no employment problem. If this system continues, we only raise unemployed university graduates ”


“Teacher training policy is wrong. There are 90 education faculties, but uniform teachers are trained. However, the teacher cannot be the only person to memorize the curriculum. This should be abandoned. A society that does not trust the teacher and the scientist cannot trust. Trust that; that teacher can mentor the student. Fabricated training should be abandoned immediately ”


“Women’s employment in Turkey is very low. It will fall even more with artificial intelligence production. Women should be drawn to science and engineering. Women in employment is not the place opened in Turkey’s economy and democracy can not be in the desired location. At any cost, barriers to women must be removed. The next century will be the women’s century. ”

Are private schools foster children?

– The private people are treated as foster. Education is not state-specific but quality.

– school opening in Turkey and does not have an accreditation system following the operation. It opens a building and a 90 cm scale school. The system in the world should be established.

– The world, student market is $ 280 billion. Turkey’s share of $ 2.5 billion. The state should provide convenience such as participation in fairs and students for visas.

– Most international students are in BAU. In 2020, we will increase 2 thousand and increase to 6 thousand 200. They leave the economy $ 30,000 per person and $ 186 million to the country.

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